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it's been awhile. [17 Jan 2007|02:56pm]
[ mood | content. ]

Its been a looong while since I've written anything. I haven't forgot, i just didn't feel the need to write anything. Yet, after reading everyone's livejournal, I felt the need to write something. 

It seems like although I haven't talked to anyof you in a good month, maybe two, lots of things have change, and reading livejournal brought me up to speed, and let me in on things.... yet one thing has stood out between all of you... You all seem very sad, and or depressed. Although theres the ocasional good entry when your happy or excited, it seems like if you don't have anyhting to look forward to your not happy. And I DON'T want this to sound like I'm critisizing any of you in ANY way, but I'm stating what I'm seeing, and trying to explain something. 

Erica.- Your last entry, although was very deep, and interesting, made me feel sad, and made me feel like your really upset. and of course sometimes I feel the way you do, that life is pointless and there doesn't seem to be any reason to do anything anymore, yet for some reason i continue to do the things I do, and life turns out to not be that bad. And although yes, for the next two years all you have to look forward to is school, but life is unique, and magical in the way that it can throw in anything, and make your expiriences different. yes, maybe your going through a "dry spell" and there is absolutly nothing happening whatso ever of interest, yet, life will work, and bring you something, that makes you happy. I know one thing that we would always talking about, with each other and allyson and emili and stuff was love, and it's concepts and how we never seem to find it. Recently I have learned that love comes in many forms, and is portrayed in male for more frequently. You can find love anywhere if you take off the male only part. And even if you are looking for a guy, I also have learned, that he will find you when you least expect it, and when you are expecting him at all times, it just takes that much longer. If you don't pay attension to love, or finding it, it, or he. will find you when you least expect it, or you will realize the one who may probably be for you. It's kinda like stargazing. When you look at the stars you WANT to see a shooting star, yet when you star and always think, ok when is it going to come? then it wont, but when your gazing, thinking, and pondering, time goes by quicker, and then wooah, a shooting star. Got it? And with the concept of life going in a repetitave cycle, yes, it does, but only if YOU make it like that. if you don't change the way your living then you will be in the same cycle. and feeling empty is NORMAL. Feeling empty is better than feeling hurt, and sometimes you need to feel empty to restore your feelings back to normal. 

Allyson- Although your last entry didn't seem as depressing as erica's, i do feel as if you are overwhelmed alot, and you shouldn't be. I know im not one to say, cause i dropped out of honors bio ON PURPOSE,  i do know that mrs. becker ruins lives through the excrusiating pain of biology. :) but I CAN relate to the fact that coming back from something amazingly wonderful, wether its being with someone you love, or doing something fun, can suck sooo bad when the moment you've spent are over. But although it seems completely WRONG that life can't be perfect, and fair for everyone, if you think about it, it wouldn't be right. If life was perfect for everyone, no one would know the meaning of happiness. You would be living happiness all  the time, and not apreciating the things life or god, has given you. when you have a bad day it sucks, yet you know it wont suck all the time, and life will eventually redeem itself with an amazing moment of fun, excitment, etc. So if life was amazing ALL the time, you wouldnt be happy, although you think you would, you wouldn't know the difference. Yes, society DOES suck in the way when you are sapoused to blend, andbe the same, etc. etc. but, that is just a RUMOR, or SHOW. You don't have to be the same, and well, NOBODY is holding you back. Since society is so big, many people get the illusion that you have to follow it or well, you will be crushed by it. but thats wrong. You can be the person you want to be, without getting held back. Itts just a task that not alot of people want to concor, because society being so big. I understand you. and I hope that you understand that. 

Emili- Your last entries haven't portrayed you as depressed as i've seen you been in the past, but, I'd like tocomment on your entry about 2006 and 2007........ I agree with 2006 being a difficult year, and it being one of those things that you just wish would go away, but yet, you can't just forget it, and even if you did, like i said to allyson, it wouldn't play a factor in the happiness part of life. When you have a bad year, or a bad moment, when the happy moments come, you think wow, this is better than last year, or this is better when the time that blah blah blah. If you don't have a bad thing to relate to a happy moment, then you don't feel the happiness penetrate yourself. With you forgetting the key moments of your life, at the same time, you throwing away peices of you life that need to be there to complete the puzzle; to make you the person you become to be in life... and the fact that you did redeem yourself, telling yourself that thats NOT how you want to live, is one giant step for yourself. and proves that you really can make the next year more amazing then the last. and now that this past year was bad, you have a standard to pass, and to work at. Condtradiction of yourself can be ery hard to not do, yet, from expirence, is completely normal, and is just the fact of your intuition, and the facts contradicting each other. and its somthing that takes time to sort out. On the subject of love, and friendship, like i said to erica, love is something that someone can want sooo bad, and can make a person do things like what you did with corey, yet, if you wait, be patient, it comes to you without even knowing. And when it eventually comes it will be amazing. Alot like love, friendship is great, and a good thing to have, but alot unlike love, friendship is easier to get, and harder to maintain. I know the issues at the beggining of last year and the end of 2005 brought me and you apart, and well, kept us at a distance, but now that you have friends, new and old, it is definatly a good idea to keep them close,and not to lose them. and i COMPLETELY agree with you final paragraph. 2006 may be a transition year, and now you know what it takes to go through 2007. :)

BEQ- reading your last enry was a surprise, and well, i felt more related to you then ever before. The whole tim wicks thing WAS a surprise, and i myself and not surprised that you were upset by it. It is events like these that do make one question life as a whole, and can make you think that, wow i could die any minute. but yet...its things like this that keep one behind, and not advance in their life. If you are worried about dying, then you won't spend anytime living.  adn this is a concept that many people don't grasp until they are close to, or on their deathbed. If you are questioning life, and contradict yourself about dieing and the purpose of life, you are COMPLETLY missing the facts of life that bring happiness, and excitment. life brings the factors of risks, and insecurities, but if you dwell on these things, it makes life SUCK in an emotional way. You seem to need to live life the way it is, and not brign delemas upon yourself, because it makes things more difficult.... I am NOT saying that you can't be concerned for the ones that DO get hurt, but you shouldn't worry abut the ones that are fine. Like stated before, if you wait for things to happen, then yeah, maybe they don't seem as bad when they do happen, but they make things go by slower, and makes things dull. You need to go on in life living it to its best, and making life be good to you, and not let you worry or get you down. 

Anna- me and you have talked about lots of things in the past, and I just have to say that you are so much more independent now and I am proud of you. =D

So bascially I wrote this NOTTTTT  to be mean, but to give people advice. Advice on how to enjoy life, and not get wrapped up in curballs life throws at you. And maybe i sound like a gayyy dr phil. but i don't care. I wrote it to help. and sometimes when I help i just get shot down, but i can't help it if I help people. so don't comment if you don't like what I've said, and I'm sorry.

I just think that everyone should live life to its best. And as corny as it sounds, no matter how hard life gets...I hope that everyone ends up happy in the end. 



[08 Apr 2006|04:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I found this picture on one of the other GD communities..so for those who haven't seen it..i think its funny....


if you can't tell, i'm pretty sure its that kid from Higfh school musical.


yeah my weekend is going to be miserably boring. my parents are out of town and i would be happy if my dumb grandma wasn't here. shes being so annying. 

on a good note i might be going to he mall later with alexa....but, i still am not sure.

my grandpa also said he might bring us to the movies...which would be good..i guesss......\

and thats my amazing weekend plans.....

god, i need a life. 

oh i did get a new ringtone....thats exciting..right?


[24 Mar 2006|07:58am]
[ mood | achey ]

I'm in the library during E period youth and law. I just finished my dumb jury essay thing. I hated it so much cuz it was Boring.


This morning was really dumb, because people were making such a big deal out of sumthing so little. Yesterday after practice (softball) I asked ms. Duke if we were running the mile run today, and she said it depends on how she feels, then shes like if im cranky you probably will be, but if if I feel good then probably not, then shes like oh, and if sumone makes me cupcakes orbrownies..and then we’ll all laughed, last night my ad got brownies cuz I told him the stary and I brought t hem in today and every one was calling me and Brittany suck ups. I was getting so mad because 1. I did it for Brittany and 2. if we didn’t use it for ms. Duke, I was gunna eat them any way and give them to people, but nooooo, they had to make a big deal of it all….and now they are going to tell the whole team and make me look dumb. Erg I hate sum people. And to put everything together, I’ve had the worst bod aces like everrrrr. My legs and my head hurt soo much….and its like…..ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfjdsahkd;fj;kldsfjlsd.


I’m so tiered.




ehhh [10 Mar 2006|07:42pm]
I'm really boerd so im going to update. Not like i have much to say. I'm at my grandma's house, we are going to the parade tommarrow as I've told alot of people....yeah.

Today was a dumb day. There wasn't anythign interesting, and alot of people were being mean/dumb/stupid. Like mr dillion, and other people who shall remain nameless. I really hate it when people are like that though. ( dumb and mean and stupid) I just really needed this weekend. Hopfully igo to the mall i really want to go, get a new bag, and some new clothessssss. PRetty much all science class i was really pissed. Not only at mr. dilion but at others. I wish yesturday was like tuesday. tuesday was a good day, probably the best i've ever had. It was jsut funny, at lunch i couldn't stop laughing, in science me and alexa fell on the ground laughing. and that was the day that we stayed after school for softball, and it was funny, especially kaylee and becca. well thats it for now


Alot to say...and im out of fuel... [27 Feb 2006|01:51pm]
[ mood | blaahhhhh ]

im in the library..for th eone and only time i ever am during the week. I have to type sumthing, but i don't feel like it. I can't belive vacation is over..it feels so like it didn't even happen. I want no school again. But i have to wait a whole nother month till that can happen. Oh well, just take i t one week at a time i guess. I don't have ne plans this weekend. I just htought of that. maybe i should get some. lol WHO WANTS TO MAKE PLANS WITH LINDSAY THIS WEEKEND?

in other stuff, i got my new phone yesturday, of course you all probably knew that, cuz i've been texting alexa all day long. it was funny though, when we were getting the phone my mom wanted the VCAST and the texting for me..and then she found out it was 5 dolors a phone for testing so she only got it for me..then she thought i shouldn't get it..bu then she realized i needed it to send pictures to myself and others on theh internet so we got it. then it's additional 15$ a moth for the VCAST so she was all like.. AHHH. and stressed. then she ended up adding snaother linefor brandon..but he didn't get a col phone like me and my paretns...he just got my mom's..or dad's..don't know which one's fone. ( did that make sense?) ANY WAY, yea my phone is cool, andi don't want to seem like im showing off..or ne thing of the sort so im guna stop talking about my phone. lol

Brooke is sick...and latley its been driving me crazy. Just cuz she seems to never be happy and allways be miserable...i jsut hope that i dont get sick even though the chances are high because my house is ALLWAYS 50 degrees, or colder...(well not that extreem, but its allways cold) I really want spring..actually...i don't..see im not sure..cuz i want to g scnowboarding one more time....but then i want to go to the beach..and wear my short sleave shirts with out a sweatshirt. and i just don't know..i think my parents are taking me and my brother snowboarding this weekend..wait that means i might have plans!...but im still not sure. I'm definatly getting better at snowboarding..especially after i went with beq..lol...i was allways down the hill first wait for beq..hahaha....but at one point..i wanted to go over this ramp..and i was (and stil am) pretty sure i could hit it, but then the front of my board hit the rail, or sumthing, and i just bailed.....it was painfull, and embarrasing, but i got over it.

wow, im typing alot, maybe its just cuz i've done more myspaceing then livejournal-ing. I like myspace but then idon't. czu at some points there is soo much to do, like..respond messages..post bulietins..comment, but then its like..wow..im boerd...theres nothing to do on here. and of course cuz i have such a lam ass computer that makes even lesser things to do. I think ym parents are buying my and brandon and themselves a lap top though. its only like $217 dolors at the pratt and whitney surplus store. so i hope they do that soon, cuz that way i will be able to do more on the computer...and bring it places. not that i have much to do, or places to go, cuz i never go on vacation, or ne where far. except RI. i can't wait till RI. especially fourth of july. erg, now im thinking about summer and i want it to be summer. im gunna stop typing now, cuz im just going to keep reambling if i stop. so...yeah..



happy untill the end [21 Feb 2006|10:34am]
[ mood | pissed off @ brandon ]

well, i haven't updated in a loooong while. which is sad. I never have anything to say, and when i do, i don't feel like typing it all. but today is different. I am going to ...bum bum bum


wow that was corny.

any way, yeah my february vacation started off on friday when me and erica and allyson and erika and beq and emili and kate and..uhh..hat other person.....kate's friend.. went ot margarita's which was muchly fun. especially after all of my bananna smoothies.


but im not going to go in much detail..in fact any at all because everone else did.

then on saturday i went to erica's house and we went to see date movie. which was a good movie,..funny..and disturbing at times.

then on sunda iwent shopping! with ym grandma and mom and brother, brandon got his new bass guitar and I already can play the beggining to long view on it, while once again, brandon sucks at life and can't play ne thing. lol. I also got the following things:

new shoes ( i know, i know....i have too many shoes)
a new sweatshirt
new acoustic strings
a new softball glove
learning guitar books
(oh yeah, did you know sam goody is closing? yeah...so they had this big sale, and i got he books 50% off)
a subway sandwhich

yah and i can't remember ne thing else....but yeah i gots stuff.

omg my borther just came down and hes beingsoo dumb!ui hate him so much...so the restof this entry is goign to be how much i fucking hate him.

he comes down right? and he asks me for his opinion for who he should have over..i say alex..hes like why? and i was likeidk. so then hes like i think im gunna have ernie over...and i was like ok fine have ernie over. then hes like..well its either ernies alex or joe..and iwas like...r u kidding..why are you going to have joe over? doesn't he allways make fun of you? hes like yea..but not ne more. i waslike..when was the last time joe had you over..beside his birthday? hes like idk....i was like exactly...then hes like..well joe is the only one who likes to play xbox with me...and not come downstairs and hangout with you. i was like well im sry if ylur friends don't want to sit upstairs and watch you play xbocx the whole time. and hes like well joe wants to play xbox with me..and i wwslike WHAT EVER BRANDON I COULD CARE LESS WHO YOU FUCKING HAVE OVER>..then he started mimicking me
uhg i hate him soooo much... hes such an idiot. he serisouly has problems.



[06 Feb 2006|03:05pm]
sry i haven't updated in while. I've been doing more myspace-ng than livejournal-ing.

there isn't really much to write about....today mr. dillon's computer's were being DUMB. so i had to waste my time in study hall to do it. then i came home and found out my mom isn't goign to work which is good news. cuz i like it when my mom doesn't go to work. I'm gunna go rememind her that our cell phone contracts are over today so we can get NEW PHONES!!!!!!!!!! yayyyy.... mine went through the wash...so i guess thats a good reason to hurry my mominto getting new phones....

well thats it


[30 Jan 2006|01:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

lol listen to the emo song. lol its funny..kinda mean..but funny javascript:launchPlayer('2685784', 'default','default','', 'product', '');

In the library. Its the first time in awhile. I can only go to the library once a week. Because the other itme i have study hall it's during a lunch period and therefore i would have to eat lunch last cuz the librarians eat lunch last.

Im really boerd....

hey does ne one have the first lab report that you did in Mr. Dillon's class? the hot cup lab? cuz me and beq would fully apriciate it.


oh and erica you wanted to se the I write sins not tragities video...idk if this will work on your computer..but.. here is a link.





[28 Jan 2006|09:57am]
Another Perfect Day
American Hi-Fi
Tabbed By: Mike


1st Verse

2nd Verse




[25 Jan 2006|01:03pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I really dont like english. Like i never liked english, but i really hate these stupid poinntless assignments she give us that are so stupid. and why the hell are we learning about the russian revolutionay? I mean seriously......... I hate it. This is english class not history durrrrhhh

oh and i decided not to go friends only. Just because I'm lazy and i don't feel like going through all of my entries and stuff..so yea...


[24 Jan 2006|08:44am]
I gots a new user pic. i like it..i kinda took it from some one..but i credited..so its all gooooood.

[23 Jan 2006|10:39am]
[ mood | creative ]

All journals will now be located at http://username.livejournal.com.
All communities will now be located at http://community.livejournal.com/username.

^^ thats a little stragne but thats okay

ne way, this weekend was okay... friday we only had one mid-term so i went to the mall with emily, yea, i bought a shirt a cami that matches the shirt, a sweatshirt, and thats it. then i go home to find out that the shirt wasn't the kind i wanted ( and allyson helped me through my crisis) lol. but that gave me an excuse to go to the mall again with my mom and grandma, i bought two books, retruned the shirt and bought a new, more expensive one at pac-sun, i got jeans, beads, OH and i got my second holes peirce!i was soo nervouse. I didn't know why, i mean, i had like three people tell me that its painless, it was either the pain, or the queer guy who was about to do my ears that was making me nervous. lol But it wans' that bad,i mean it hurt don't get me wrong, but it was quick. so nowtoday is a snowday, and im stuck home, i slept late today which probably wasn't a good idea, but thast okay. brooke is downstairs once again tearing my room apart. well, i think since im so boerd and prety much everyone is doing it, im going to make my journal friends only.



[19 Jan 2006|08:49am]
The Computer midterm is over, it was easy, except for excel, i seriously hate excel very very much. It is soo annoying, and if you screw up, it's hard to go back and redo it, i saw anna restart her computer, i would cry if i had to restart mine. WEll, i have an hour of nothing to do so, woooooh. Actually im goign to go to mtv.com and vote for Panic!'s new video, i like it, but i don't at the same time. But i want to see the whole thing.

[18 Jan 2006|02:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm boerd, I had my Science mid term today, and i was really happy to find out it was easyyy. my mom came to pick me up after the mid-term, and we passe ben rolli walking home and i was like that's ben, and my mom was like where does he live? and i told her that he live right near us ad she decided that we were goign to give him a ride home, yea it was a little awkward, but w/e.


[17 Jan 2006|04:57pm]
I just saw Panic! on trl, as well as the academy is.. lolmy dad thinks the academy is is a bunch of queers. The panic video, ehh..was okay, i would of done better. :)

oh, and the tickets to their show is sodl out, which sucks, cuz i was actually gunna buy them.

Me, my life, and other crap [17 Jan 2006|12:16pm]
[ mood | content ]

well, i haven't really "updated in awhile" i normally just say randmomn stuff thats not important. Well, I'm gogin to write stuffthta has happend that is big..well, i gues it's big, but whatever.

We ave gotten alot of new things that were need in our house. yesturday we got a new oven and dishwasher, i am soo happy becuase our ones were getting so crappy, and i really hated them, but now i don't, so yay. and we got ink for our printer and it works now..so...another Yay for that

Oh, and one ting thats like, really like weird thats been happening in my family is, well, my grandpa. He's well, be like...depressed latly. He and my granamda came over on friday to watch brandon and brooke while i wemnt over ally's and the next day after i came home, My grandpa kept talking about, how they were goign t oLas vergas, and they were discussing it and every thing, then later i was on the computer and hewas like, arb=guing with her and stuff, and when he camein to the rec. room he was like "when you go to las vegas you can stay there as loong as you want." and "i won't be around for long." but he said them under his breath and i heard them. The next day he slept till 12:00..yea, noon, he slept onger than me, which is SOO weird, because he is normally up at like 7:00 runnig down our street or sumthing. My grandma also left at 10:00 with out him, and saslo my grandpa didn't work on MLK day, which once again is weird because he has never taken a day off from work, even on holidays, and stuff, its just weird. so i thihnk that my grandparents are gettign a divorce. What do i feel about that? well, it would be vey awkward around my house, i mean, htey all ways come over together and stuff, and what would happen when we went camping? would they stll sleepin the same side? I don't know. personally, i guess i kidna don't care, i meani know i shoukld. I AM concerned, but they allways argue and stuff, so maybe its for the best? i don't know.

other stuffs to write on,

uhm, beq? i have no idea what your last entry was about maybe other people do, but i don't. Was ait about luch the other day? when you sat with the guys? idk. the whole allyson and her brother dating sam, i think its a good thing, i mean, i can't really picture kyle with anyone like sam, like i never really thought he would be with her, but she's seems pretty cool, so i guess I'm happy for her, him, them. This also could mean that kyle turns more on the "punkish" side and realize his faults by wearing a collard shirt to a green day concert. lol

Other stuff, uhhm mid terms where today, i had spanish which was extremely easy i was finish with an hour left over, it was the most boring hour everrr. Then ieft early. Teachers make such a big delaout of leaving. they were syaing you need anopte, and what not, but everyone was just wlking out the door, lol.

In case any one is wonderign about how me and my dad have been doing like, agruing wise latly, uhh, i think he might take me to 2 concerts, the Panic! one AND the Falout boy, all american rejects, hawthorne heights, one. Which woudl be cool, i also might be going with him to a deftones, and funeral for a friend one. which is cool.

I think I'm going to the New yark Fil m acaddemy open hous ethe 21st,i really want togo,my dad has a stupid boat show then tho, and that might ruin it. My mom wants togo to, so..i hope we do.

well, i hope that wasn't too long, and i didn't bore you.

Oh, and beq did you ask your dad aobut going snowboarding any time son, cuz i want to go.cuz it would be fun, especially since i don't think I'm gogin any time soon with my father.


[14 Jan 2006|12:18pm]
[ mood | sleepppy ]

I'm at alexa's house righ tnow. I'm etremely tierd, and beat thanks to ppl that were up at 7:30 when we went to bed at 4:00. Yea, it was fun, i guess, then i piged out on Ally's mom's cooking which was pretty sweet. I don't feel like typing, so...blahhhh


Sick, sad, thoughts [12 Jan 2006|03:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well, today wasa he ost exciting day i ever had. Not only did i puke at 5:00 in the mornng, i got to watch some kick ass soap operas...yesssssss

No, not really, today wasn't hat great. But i did hrow up this morning adn then when 6:00 came rolling around, i didn't want t ogo to school ,which is strange for me, because i normally don't mind going to school. BUt yea, i slep till 10:00 woke up then fell back asleep at noon,when i woke up i felt better, but istill felt, well, week i guess, so then i called erica, and asked her about stuffs theni went downstairs to the internet to find out if i was going to ally's topmmarrow or not, then ya, im here typingh this.

You know what I've noticed latley, that well, people have been having like, emotinal journal entry's. it seems like alot of people have been having [roblems latly, allyson and emili with the kyle hting, beq wit her...uhh butt soreness, and anna with..uhh her coach and her feeling sad, mad and happy. yea..and me with my sickness, and well, erica is kinda just there thinking about htem all i guess. lol

well, im ggin to go out side because its llike really nice out..soo



[11 Jan 2006|04:20pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This is brooke's Green Day Authority fan of the week submission form thingy...lol

  • Name: Brooke Huestis

  • Age: 17 months (one year old)

  • Location: Coventry CT

  • If you have a favorite lyric, what is it?
     "Summer has gone and past, the innocent can never last wake me up when September ends"

  • How long have you been a Green Day fan?
        Ever since my sister put up her green day poster, because I always point to it and I now can recognized them on any picture or poster.

  • If you could ask Green Day to cover one song, what song would they cover, by what band, and why?
      Probably if your happy and you know it clap your hands, because that is my favorite song.(besides wake me up when September ends)

  • What Green Day song brings the most emotions to you?
       Wake me up when September ends, because I really like watching the music video, and it's one of the few things on T. V that I actually like to sit down and watch. Its a very emotional video, and I like it a lot.

  • What song gets most frequently stuck in your head?
        Uhhh, I don't know, I have a very complex mind.

  • If Billie dragged you up on stage, and you could say anything to the audience, what would you say?
        hot,daaaa, or bobby jue  (Billie Joe in my language) because those are the only words I know. Then I would start dancing and smiling, I would also want to give Billie a hug and a kiss, except my kiss would be more like me drooling on him, but that's ok. 

  • If you had 5 minutes to impress Green Day, what would you do?
       Show them my Wake me Up When September ends dance. Its pretty sweet.
  • 03|read|add

    [09 Jan 2006|02:10pm]
    [ mood | cheerful ]

    yea boerd and in the library.

    I shoudl be studying for mid terms, but there really isn't anything to be studying.. i mean all i should be studying for is science...and i can't study for english...or math....i guess i should be studying for spanish..but hat class is soo easy....yea me and beq decided that we are sumtime goign t ogo snowboarding...like...later on..i was sapoused to go this weekend..but idk if i am ne more...cuz my dad really wanted to go with erica's father and them...but they can't..so idk. I REALLLY want to go. Maybe if i pay for my lift ticket my dad will take us. that woudl be good i guess..

    yea yesturdya (sunday) i went to the mall, and bought a squire Fender acuostic guitar. it is pretty sweet, also a cd that was recomended by carlos. Its good, i like it alot, but its a live cd and they swear alot, not that thats a problem to me....but if my mom or dad heard it they would be mad. But they just wont listen to it. I also got the warped tour 2005 cd, wich is wayy rad. Its got all the bands that i like, but could n't din the cd at best buy. There is The academy is, hellogoodbye, sumblime, the transplants, comback kid, and other peeps that i don't feel liek listing at the moment. Im really tierd..adn i ve been hungry and thirsty all day long. any way, year i also bought a checkard belt for 10 bucks...good deal. and brandon bought heelys, I got a cd rack for all my cds, cuz as some of you know i don't have one.

    well thats it for now


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